Each week at council fire, campers eagerly look forward to receiving their awards. We have several different award programs – – Honor awards, activity awards, special awards and novelty awards. The Honor Awards are our most cherished awards. The campers who receive a Honor Award exemplify the qualities of our seven principles through their daily living.

The Activity Awards are presented to the children who have strived to improve their skills and have passed certain requirements in the various activities. The activity counselors may also wish to recognize someone for being the most helpful or the most improved. Novelty awards are given when something humorous has happened in a particular activity for example – – in tennis the “Out of the Park” award for hitting the most balls over the fence instead of the net.

Honor cabins are announced at the end of each day with the weekly winners receiving a banner to display on the front of their cabin.

Over the years, campers have taken great pride in their accomplishments because they have worked very hard for the various awards knowing the importance of each award and what the award represents.