Camp Dixie PrinciplesFrom our first summer in 1914, the purpose of Camp Dixie has not changed: To imbue in boys and girls a basic understanding of spiritual and beneficent living as can only be done in an out-of-doors environment with wholesome companions, excellent leaders and beautiful surroundings. Everyone needs to build one’s life on a strong foundation, and our “strong foundation” is Dr. Sutton’s (one of Dixie’s first directors and President of National Teachers’ Association) seven principles for a better life. The principles are Physically Robust, Mentally Strong, Politically Sound, Domestically True, Vocationally Correct, Morally Brave and Spiritually Deep.

Up on the mountainIt was the original intent of this camp to provide an atmosphere that fostered growth in these principles which would equip a camper to face life’s many challenges successfully. Pop J and Dr. Sutton believed that these principles had a profound influence on young people which would help them become better citizens and stronger leaders for the future.

Since these principles play such an important role in a child’s life, we begin each day discussing one of the principles at Morning Watch, and everyone at camp tries to live by these principles in their daily activities.