Riflery, archery, and tennis are excellent activities for improving one’s skills and self-confidence while having a great time. Before firing a rifle, shooting an arrow, or playing tennis, each camper must be familiar with the safety rules and how to take care of the equipment. Now it’s time to do a few tricks, to hit the bulls eye or to serve an ace. The skills are basic and the key word is practice, practice, practice. Before you know it, you will be doing turn-tables, scoring a perfect round and telling the professionals they better watch out!

Soccer, Basketball, Kickball, Flag Football and Softball are lots of fun to play. There are lots of opportunities for you to score a goal, shoot a 3 pointer, kick a home run, make a touchdown or catch a fly ball; but the most important aspects are being a good sport and a member of the team. By doing one’s best and being a good sport, you will always be a “winner” at Camp Dixie regardless of the score.