Located in northeast Georgia which is noted for its scenic beauty. Camp Dixie is easily reached by car as major highways pass through Clayton which is 100 miles from Atlanta. Being a resort area, Clayton offers a number of excellent motels and hotels. For those who are unable to drive, transportation is available from the Atlanta Airport.

Our street address

153 Camp Dixie Ln.
Clayton, GA 30525

A Note on Directions

Check any computer generated maps carefully. Many computer maps are now directing vehicles to Camp Dixie via Wild Azalia Ln or Wellborn Ln. Do not turn onto Wild Azalia Ln, Wellborn Ln, or Possum Trot They do not connect to Camp Dixie. The only way to access Camp Dixie is via Germany Rd. The turn for Germany Rd. is east of Wild Azalia Ln.

At the moment the following mapping services seem to give proper directions:

Mapquest is wrong.

Camp Dixie in relation to Atlanta.

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