The Arts

The female staff gets on stageIn our own unique way, we can all be very creative. Through the various programs at Camp Dixie, campers have an opportunity to express their creativity. At the craft shop, you can use your imagination to make your own design by cutting out your projects which allows for individuality rather than putting together a pre-shaped, pre cut kit.

The campers put on a dance showThe drama club has something for everyone! Maybe you already know you are “destined” for stardom or maybe you’d just like to give it a try. Being behind the scenes can be just as exciting as being in the spotlight. You can also learn all about props, set design, lighting, make-up and wardrobe. There’s a little “ham” in all of us, and the cabin skits, talents shows and three act plays offer everyone a chance to be a star!

Aerobic Dance or Ballet – – which is your preference? If you really have dance fever, then you can even do both! No prior lessons or experience necessary – – just put on those dancing shoes and get ready to dance.

Do people call you “Scoop?” Can you write creative stories or draw cartoons? Well, The Dixie Echoes (girls’ newspaper) and The Dixie Doings (boys’ newspaper) is looking for you to be a member of its news team.