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Written and published in the Dixie Echoes in 1933, the following is a fanciful idea of Camp Dixie in the year 2000.


It doesn’t take such terrible sharp eyes to glance around DIXIE for Girls and find many changes that have taken place since we came to this hill, just five short weeks ago (June – 1933).

For instance:

  • The plants below the guest cabin have changed from a mass of green leaves into beautiful flowers.
  • Hollow eyed girls have become robust lassies with plenty of extra pounds.
  • Night owls who couldn’t sleep until the wee small hours have become sleepy-time girls when the clock gets round to nine thirty.
  • Dainty appetities have assumed their normal proportions – – even spinach has its attractions.
  • Canoes tied up to the docks have become gay vehicles skimming over the lake with groups of laughing campers.

With all these changes in so short a time we’re wondering what the future will bring forth? Perhaps it will be something like this:

Camp Dixie for Girls, in the year 2000

The music of beautiful chimes can be heard coming from the Dining room as a
group of girls is seen slowing winding their way in that direction.  When all
have taken their places around the mahogany-topped tables Miss Stokes leans
forward in her plush arm chair and says, "Girlies, are we all here this
morning?  If the cabin leaders will please send in the names of those who
didn't care to come to breakfast, I'll have trays sent up for them."

At a Table of one of the Campers, this conversation may be heard:

Polly Willingham: Ann, will you have Cocoa, tea, or coffee this morning?
Ann: If the electric perculator is working well, I'll have coffee please,
       with plenty of whipped cream.

(Silence reigns for twenty minutes broken only by an occasional request for hot
    sweet buns or the crackle of a newspaper as the campers and leaders peruse
	the morning edition of the Dixie Echoes).

At last Miss Stokes rises.

Are there any announcements from Leaders, Advisors, or Campers this morning?

(Gauldy raises her hand)

Miss Stokes: Yes, Miss Gauldy.

Gauldy: Yesterday, I noticed that some of the girls left the engines in the
    motor boats running.  Please make sure that you have pressed the button to
	turn off the engine when you leave the boats.

(Becky raises her hand)

Miss Stokes: Yes, Miss Turner.

Becky: Will Cabins 35 and 97 please come prepared to play golf this morning
       and will Cabins 78 and 198 be ready to finish the game of polo we began

Miss Stokes: Miss Orr, do you have an announcement?

Winifred: Please take notice girls, on the printed programs that you will find
          at your places, a change in the riding periods.  Group 1 will take an
		  automobile ride to Franklin at 10 o'clock instead of 9:30, and group
		  2 will go by airplane to Atlanta  at 2 o'clock instead of 3.  Notice
		  of an extra supper ride to Tallulah will be posted later.

Miss Stokes: Are there anymore announcements?

Margaret Carruth: Miss Stokes, I've lost my electric curling iron and I'm
                  afraid if I don't find it my hair will be too straight for me
				  to go the four o'clock tea at Lakeview Lodge.

Miss Stokes: Has anyone seen Margaret's iron?

Cabin 56: Miss Stokes, we saw it on the top shelf in Margaret's clothes closet.

Miss Stokes: Thank you. Are there anymore announcements? If not you are excused.

WHEW!  2000 has its attractions but aren't you glad it's still 1933?