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Counselor reading to his cabin

With a friendly, dedicated and well-trained staff, campers find their experience at Camp Dixie to be fun and rewarding. Our counselors come from all over and share a love for children and the out-of-doors. Each staff member plays an important role in seeing that our campers feel accepted, loved, and secure while helping the children to achieve and succeed. A college background and experience in one’s specialized field is needed in order to be a member of our staff. Our staff to camper ratio is 1 to 4. Having dedicated, friendly and well-trained counselors, campers find their experience at Camp Dixie to be a most rewarding one.

Counselors must have the following qualities in order to be a member our staff.

Entire cabin assembles on the stairs for a photograph

  1. patience
  2. understanding
  3. enthusiastic
  4. kindness
  5. warmth and friendliness
  6. sound judgment
  7. strong leadership skills
  8. be approachable and a good listener
  9. be able to set a good example
  10. have the ability to supervise
  11. love to laugh and have fun
  12. possess sound character traits

Counselors are required to sign a Staff Contract before becoming a member of our staff. All of our staff members go through an extensive week of training before the campers arrive. During this week, each staff member is certified in First Aid Response and CPR for infant, child, and adult. Their interests and skills may vary, but each staff member shares a common desire to work with young people and provide the children with a summer they will treasure for the rest of their life.