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“We welcome you to Camp Dixie, we’re mighty glad you’re here”


On August 1 – 3, 2014, we invite you to return to Camp Dixie. All campers, staff and families from any of our 100 years are invited to attend.

It doesn’t matter if you were in Wiley at the boy’s camp or up in Clayton at the girl’s camp–you were a Dixie Camper! Whether you were a camper under Pop J, Dr. Sutton, Scotty, Miss Stokes, the Kotilas, or Miss Ann, we are all part the same family – thePop J Dixie Family.

Those cherished ties of green and red have connected us all throughout the years – regardless of our age. We have precious memories of rainy campouts, hikes to Black Rock, icy dips in the lake, camp songs, emblems, triangles, bug juice, council fire log, chocolate, camp food and many other camp traditions. We have experienced and shared in the Dixie Spirit (and that spirit is ALIVE and going strong).
For all of us connected to Camp Dixie, this will be an opportunity to celebrate this milestone and to express gratitude for the place and people who have made Camp Dixie such a powerful influence in so many lives.

“Hail, hail the gang’s all here, and we welcome you to Camp Dixie —for Boys —for Girls”


So go on over to our Centennial website and sign up!

Following the Gleam,
Rhonda Conrad
Camp Dixie, Director