Environmental Programs

The Silver Lining Outdoor Environmental Program

Children collecting samples from one of Camp Dixie's creeks

What is it?

The Silver Lining Outdoor Environmental Progam is a non-profit program sponsored by Camp Dixie. Our evironmental education programs are designed to compliment classroom lessons in grades 1-8 by providing direct experiences using an outdoor setting as a learning laboratory.

Children enjoying a Silver Lining class


We offer a multi-disciplinary curriculum that includes non-science subjects, environmental programs, recreational activities as well as a low element challenge course. Our education coordinators work closely with visiting teachers to develop programs tailored toward your students. The Silver Lining Program is unique in it’s ability to design a curriculum whose emphasis conforms to your specific classroom profile.

The Silver Lining Program is offered September through May. Visiting classes are given exclusive use of our facilities. Consequently we encourage you to make your reservation as soon as possible.