For Campers

It’s opening day and you are eager to arrive at camp. If you have not had the opportunity to visit before coming to camp, you have probably spent several months contemplating what camp will be like, will I make any friends, will my counselor like me and what adventures are in store for me. The answer to all your questions are yes, yes, yes, and so many you will treasure them for the rest of your life.

First, your new adventure begins by meeting your counselor who will take you and your parents to the camp office. Once you have checked in, it’s off to see your home away from home, meet the campers in your cabin and select your bunk. By now it is time for an afternoon of fun with your new friends before having dinner and going to the evening program. You will find each day filled with many activities from the time you hear reveille in the morning until the sound of taps at night.

Then before you know it, you will be packing your trunk for home and taking with you so many special memories of times shared together with all your new friends.

For Parents

Once again we are looking forward to another wonderful season. Each person adjusts to new experiences differently. A child’s introduction to camp is as important as one’s actual experience. It’s a new way of life, in a new setting, a new independence. A camper’s introduction begins from the first time one hears about camp from parents, siblings, friends or others. It is important to be truthful about what one will experience. To help with this process, we offer several programs during the year where your child may actually experience what Camp Dixie is like by coming to camp, meeting some of the other campers and participating in several camp activities. We have found these programs to be very helpful and comforting in making ones adjustment from home to camp. Please contact us if you would like more information on these programs.

Once you have enrolled your child, you will receive all the necessary information you will need to help you in preparing your child for camp.

Be sure you have read all the information on our web-site before deciding to send your child to Camp Dixie.

Your child will find the atmosphere at Camp Dixie to be very friendly and without cliques instead where one can easily make friends. Our counselors truly care about the welfare of your child and will provide your child with guidance through daily living situations and a variety of activities. We try to instill in each camper wholesome character traits of courtesy, fair play, curiosity and kindness as well as a love for nature. Our motto is ” always try to do your personal best.”

A good camping experience is an important aspect of a well-rounded childhood because it helps with one’s social, spiritual and physical development. It should also enrich one’s life by providing a wholesome environment where they can explore and learn more about one’s self and others. Children find Camp Dixie a wonderful place to grow through recreational as well as educational activities – a special place for living and learning. But most importantly, a home away from home where one can come and have FUN!

Each aspect of Camp Dixie from our guiding principles, the close-bond shared with one another, the traditions surrounding the camp life, and the rapport between staff and campers, all combine to create the DIXIE SPIRIT!