Tradition of Caring


Campers on a hikeFor over 90 years, young people have been coming to Camp Dixie to enjoy a wholesome camping experience in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia. Mr. Jameson’s goal was to provide campers with a summer experience of personal growth. And to this day, Camp Dixie continues to offer programs which will help young people to build their character and self-esteem.


Campers on a hikeThe success of any camp program is in its leadership. The staff at Camp Dixie is comprised of dedicated people who share a passion for working with children in a summer camp setting. With a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Camping and Outdoor Education, Ann Taylor has directed Camp Dixie for over 35 years. The senior staff members also have their degree in Education and Recreation, and each senior staff member has been at Camp Dixie for 20 summers. Parents have found the continuity in the leadership at Camp Dixie to be one of our strengths. The camper to staff ratio is 4 to l.


Camp Dixie believes each child should have the opportunity to be a participant rather than a spectator no matter his or her age. This is achieved by keeping the instructional classes small and letting the campers choose their own activities. By having a Brother-Sister Camp (two separate camp programs at one location) instead of a Co-ed Camp, campers feel more comfortable and less self-conscious in their daily activities. Throughout the week, some of the special events and theme parties are held together. This combination assures each camper a summer of fun.


While at Camp Dixie, campers stay in cabins rather than tents or dormitories. Campers live with other campers their own age with 4 to 6 campers to a cabin. Each cabin is spacious and the counselors live in the same room with the campers. This gives the children a feeling of security and provides for better supervision. Since there is a smaller number of campers living in each cabin and participating in daily activities together, the transition from home to camp is much easier for the children.


Fresh air and healthy exercise promotes large appetites. Our campers are actively involved in the program from the moment they awake until it is time to go to sleep at night so well-balanced, nutritious meals are the order of the day. We can provide for any special dietary needs your child may have.

Camp Dixie Pledge

Camp Dixie is dedicated to providing your child with an exceptional camping program, new friendships, and memories to last a lifetime. In order to ensure that your child receives personal guidance and instruction, we limit our enrollment to create a small, family atmosphere where no one is overlooked and each child is made to feel welcome, cared for and special.