We are currently accepting staff applications for the summer of 2020.

The next best thing to being a kid again…

Camp Dixie hires only men and women who enjoy being a positive role model for children while working with them in the outdoors. Since children are easily influenced and tend to follow the examples set for them, everyone who works at Camp Dixie needs to have strong character, morals and values. You may have all the experience and training in the world but what is most importance to us is your character, then your qualifications and experience because we are a very traditional camp.

Job Description:

Cabin/Activity LeaderMinimum age 18
Cabin Counselors live in a cabin with 6 – 8 campers. All Counselors are expected to be with the campers 24/7 with the exception of their day off and place the needs of the campers above her/his own at all times. Cabin Counselors are responsible for the basic care and everyday needs of the campers in their cabin group for 1 week sessions over a 7 – 9 week summer.

Basic job functions include:

  • Loyally support and take charge of such duties and activities as may be assigned.
  • Act as a positive role model for children by having strong character traits, morals, and values.
  • Teach by example the difference between right and wrong.
  • Embrace and embody the 7 principles Camp Dixie is founded upon (Morally Brave, Mentally Strong, Spiritually Deep, Vocationally Correct, Physically Robust, Politically Sound, and Domestically True).
  • Take a sincere interest in each camper, helping them to feel secure, understood, accepted, and loved while being intuitive to each child’s needs. Care for all children equally without favoritism.
  • Encourage children to develop new skills and interests in both familiar and unfamiliar pursuits; provide them with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Accept the camper as a whole, their difficult qualities as well as their positive ones, so they may grow physically, mentally, and socially.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful relationships.
  • Possess the following qualities in abundance: patience, understanding, enthusiasm, kindness, warmth and friendliness, sound judgement, strong leadership skills, good listener, good supervisor, love to laugh and have fun.
  • Other duties as assigned.

As a member of our staff you must accept children for who they are, their difficult qualities as well as their positive ones, their areas of incompetency and their competent skills. By accepting the camper as a whole, you can help the campers grow physically, mentally and socially. One of the special benefits of being a counselor is seeing the children grow and mature while in your care.

As a counselor you have a rare opportunity to contribute in a positive way to one’s growth through the leadership you provide and the warm friendly compassion you show to all.

You have probably heard a mother’s work is never done. There will be days when you might feel the same, but if you truly enjoy having an opportunity to play an important role in one’s life then you will find your experience to be a “most rewarding one.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need lifeguard training before I come to camp?

Waterfront staff are expected to have training completed before the start of staff week. A preliminary waterfront safety class is taught to all staff during staff week, however this is not a complete certification.

What kind of special training will I need before camp?

Staff will be certified in CPR/Basic first aid during staff week. Additional training, while appreciated, is not required unless specifically requested by the Director.

Will I have access to the Internet?

In keeping with our rustic appearance and focus on an “unplugged” experience, staff are not allowed access to their phones or laptops during non-sanctioned times unless special permission is received from the Director. All staff and campers are encouraged to communicate via “snail mail.” However, staff will be allowed access to their personal electronic devices during their free time in the evenings if they are not assigned other duties, and on their days off. The Dining Hall does have a private WIFI connection for these times.

Am I allowed to have a cell phone?

Cell phones are allowed, however their use is restricted to a counselor’s personal time and only in designated areas. All electronic devices, with the exception of an iPod or hand held gaming system for recreation hour, are to be stored exclusively in the staff lounge. Counselors may not carry cell phones on their person outside of their own personal time and are to never allow a camper or CT to have access to their phone under any circumstance.

Can I have visitors?

While we would love to meet your friends, our program relies on being totally immersed in the Camp experience. Guests are natural interruptions to the program and detract from the routine of life in our secluded haven. Your guests can pick you up but are not allowed access to the property without express permission from the Director.

What should I bring to camp?

Before staff training, we will email you a packing list of the essentials you will need for camp. In addition to this list, you may want to bring a throw rug, egg crate and decorative personal items to make your cabin feel more like home. Please make sure that any posters, pictures, photographs, or décor items are appropriate to the Christian setting of our camp.

What if I need to run into town to get a necessary item or run an errand?

Counselors are not allowed to leave Camp property except for their days off. Staff are encouraged to plan ahead and be prepared to get all the items they might need during that time. In case of a needed item or needed errand, Camp Moms are available to run reasonable errands on your behalf.

What if I need to go to a wedding or special family function while I am at camp?

Any extraordinary leaves of absence must be discussed with the directors before camp begins. We try our very best to work with all counselors to meet their special needs but we cannot let undue absences affect the overall program.

Do I need to have insurance?

Yes! It is your responsibility to take care of any medical/hospital expense beyond what our infirmary can handle. When properly documented, work-related accidents are covered by Worker’s Compensation.

Will I receive a higher salary if I have specific certifications?

Yes. We encourage counselors to get any appropriate certifications by national training agencies.

Comments from Counselors

I am going to miss Camp Dixie so much after I leave. I just wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity and putting so much faith in me. This has been the best summer of my life and working here did not ever compare to what I thought this would be like. I love how we are all one big family and everyone truly cares about the other. I feel truly blessed to have worked here, and Camp Dixie will always have a very special place in my heart.

J. Gladden
Georgia Southern University

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to experience Camp Dixie this summer. I had no idea that I would find a quiet refuge from the crazy world and a second family. The things you do for the children are truly remarkable. Camp Dixie will always be special to me.

J. Parrot
Georgia Tech University

I began working at Camp Dixie as a part-time counselor six years ago, but my connections to the camp go back much further. My wife worked at Dixie as a counselor during the mid ‘70’s and continues to occasionally assist with the camp a few weekends per year. Additionally, her father was a camper at the boys’ camp during the 1930’s when he rode the train up from Louisiana.

I fell in love with camp my first summer. There are few places in Georgia as pretty and as peaceful as Camp Dixie. While its calm beauty first attracted me, what I most enjoy most about Camp Dixie are the days and evenings filled with the sounds of children enjoying nature and each other’s company. Seeing the campers have fun away from the asphalt and steel of the city, watching them swim and canoe in the lake, and seeing them mature over the years into intelligent, responsible young men and women are experiences that I look forward to each year.

S. Mullins
U. Tenn & GA State U. Graduate