Parents’ Thoughts and Comments
Why we like Camp Dixie for our children.

From Parents

Camp Dixie reminds me of the 4-H camp I attended when I was a child – the wooden cabins overflowing with bunk beds and campers’ gear; the cool shade and rich aroma of pine trees; the dining hall where we took turns helping serve or wiping up tables; the enthusiasm of the counselors and the reassuring authority of the Camp Director; the creeks we explored, hunting for small amphibious creatures; and campfire-lit faces singing familiar songs. From the first time I visited with my 6-year old daughter Caitlin, I’ve wished I could spend my summers at Camp Dixie too. Caitlin has always wanted to stay longer than we had planned – the very first summer she begged to stay an additional week when we came to get her after her first week! (So much for homesickness!) This summer, 11-year old Caitlin will stay for 4 weeks, and her 7-year old sister Nicole will have to settle for only 2 weeks. And I’ll just have to wait for Mother-Daughter Weekend again.

Karen and Bill Cleveland
Acworth, Georgia

We are so pleased to have found Camp Dixie. Our boys totally enjoyed their camp experience there for four years, and can’t wait to return this summer. We were very impressed with Camp Dixie when we toured it. The camp itself is ideal in its location in the North Georgia Mountains. The atmosphere reminded us of what the mind conjures up when reading a favorite novel. But, it was the director and the wonderful staff that made us fall in love with Camp Dixie.

Both of our boys were excited to be going to camp, but, our youngest, going to camp for the first time at age seven, was a little hesitant. We knew they had had a wonderful time when both still wanted to stay when it was time to go home. They enjoyed their stay and learned quite a bit, both from the activities offered and through the wonderful friends they made. We were happy that their experience had been just want we hoped. We highly recommend Camp Dixie to parents desiring a classic camp experience for their child.

Laura and Mike Miller
McDonough, Georgia

Our three sons enjoy Camp Dixie so much that they talk about going back the next summer even as we pick them up from camp. When we added all the times our children have been going to Camp Dixie, it totals 16 years. Camp Dixie is large enough to have numerous activities, such as swimming, horseback riding, archery, and riflery, while small enough for the counselors to know each camper one-on-one. We have witnessed the camp owner and Director, Ms. Ann, respond quickly to emergencies or problems involving her “kids”.

We are amazed at her and the other counselors’ ability to remember the children’s names and events they participated in over the years. The safety and welfare of the children are extremely important to Ms. Ann and her counselors. We’re always are notified when a health problem or other issue arises which needs attention. We would recommend Camp Dixie to anyone who wants their child to have wonderful camp memories. Sending our children year after year is proof enough of our belief in Camp Dixie and its staff.

Susan and Larry Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia

“My wife and I both enjoyed summer camp as children and so, when our daughter turned seven, we began to think about summer camp for her. We attended a camp fair and talked to representatives of dozens of camps. We were looking for a rustic camp, not kids spending a week in a motel room. We were looking for a small camp where our daughter could know the camp staff and not be lost in the crowd. We were looking for a camp that operated on traditional values. We found that Camp Dixie met or exceed all of our requirements.

For our daughter Carolyn, the choice was even easier.”

Lewis & Janet Moseley
Tucker, GA

Merry always has very positive comments about the counselors and CT’s. She is very enthused about what she learns at Camp Dixie. We’re especially pleased about the willingness to take on responsibility that she brings home. She says the food is the best I’ve ever had. We’re delighted to have discovered Camp Dixie and the wonderful people associated with it. We hear about Camp Dixie people all year long and experience “camp sickness” instead of “home sickness”.

Sarah and Keith Faller
Indianapolis, Indiana

Amanda and Rachel loved their counselors and the facilities and learned a lot, especially in horseback riding. All we have heard is how wonderful the food was. We were very impressed with everything as soon as we got out of the car.

Nina J. Burke
Stone Mountain, Georgia

The boys loved it there and will be back again next year. Keep up the good work!

Karen Fletcher
Marietta, GA

My sons had a blast. They loved the camp and everything about it – – even the food! Counselors were great! Cabins are cool! The counselors really worked with the children to improve their skills.

Christy Roe
Marietta, Georgia