Please read this page carefully. It contains important information regarding Camp Dixie’s policies that is not available anywhere else.


  • The camp tuition covers all of the camp programs and instructional activities.
  • There are no extra charges for craft supplies, riflery, weekly laundry, trips or daily visits to the canteen.
  • Tuition does include 1 required uniform shirt and 1 camp t-shirt .
  • When two or more children living at the same address are enrolled a 5% discount is given.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $150.00  should accompany each application to be credited to one’s account.
  • No refunds for late arrival or early departure
  • No refunds for dismissal from camp due to homesickness, emotional and/or behavioral issues.
  • Any cancellation before March 1 will incur a $100 processing fee and remainder will be refunded.
  • Should a camper need to withdraw for health reasons anytime after March 1, we will give full credit toward next summer’s registration.
  • There are NO REFUNDS given after March 1.


  • A deposit of $150.00 should accompany each application to be credited to ones account.
  • All applications postmarked after March 31st will be charged a late registration fee of $25.00 with the balance payable by May 1st.


  • All campers must have medical insurance or coverage to attend camp.
  • All campers must have a health examination just two weeks prior to attending camp.

Camp Season:

Camp sessions are planned so children experience new activities each week. The camp season is divided into eight weeks. Your child may attend any combination of weeks.

Fun Week – 1 Week:

Is designed to introduce children 6 to 15 years old to the magical world of camping. Campers have an opportunity to experience a number of different activities during their week at camp.

Junior Camp – 2 Weeks:

Is a two week program filled with excitement and fun for children ages 6 to 15. Campers choose their activities and receive daily instruction in activities geared to their abilities as well as participate in the weekly special events.

Senior Camp – 4 Weeks:

Gives one not only the opportunity to experience the joys of camping but a chance to grow mentally, physically and socially while participating in the activities of one’s choice.

Full Season – 8 Weeks:

Offers each camper a summer of fun and an opportunity to enjoy camp life to its fullest.

General Information and Policies

The Standards of Dixie have always been very high. The director reserves the right to request parents to withdraw their children from camp if they do not measure up to the camp standards or if their presence in camp is considered inimical to the welfare of their associates. This policy is frankly and clearly stated so that all may understand it before seeking admission to Dixie. In this way discriminating parents may not feel any hesitance in enrolling their children. Before campers are enrolled, they are carefully screened to assure a wholesome and harmonious camping experience for all.

The Dixie Camps have many policies in effect which come from years of experience in working with boys and girls. They are planned so that each camper may derive the maximum from his or her camping experience. Our standards are high and we will continue to keep them that way so that parents are assured of the best care and individual attention for their children. We therefore ask all parents of Dixie campers to abide by the rules and policies. In this way no camper will feel that he or she is being denied privileges or granted privileges.

Counselor In Training

Those campers who have completed their sophomore year in high school may qualify to take part in our Counselor in Training Program. This program is designed to give the young people chosen valuable leadership training and experience. Full details will be sent upon request.

Extra Spending Money

Campers should not have extra money in their possession during camp. All money should be deposited in the camp office. The staff determines how much spending money is needed for special trips and will issue these “spending money” amounts when necessary. If you desire your child to have extra money on hand, please send it to the Director and not to the child or you may deposit money into their account at registration.


Laundry is done once a week for those who are enrolled for two weeks or more. Laundry for campers who soil their clothes and/or bedding is provided at an additional fee ($15).


All packages containing food will be shared with the entire cabin or camp. Please do not send chewing gum.

Telephone calls

Campers are not allowed to make or receive telephone calls. In case of an emergency the camp office will notify parents. If a problem arises, parents may call the camp director. For communications, birthdays and other special occasions, please use letters or cards.


Parents who choose to have their child arrive by plane pay a transportation fee. Children are required to be at camp a day early and are billed for that day.


Only campers staying longer than 2 consecutive weeks may have visitors during the designated visiting period because it disrupts the camp program. The visiting period is after the first two weeks. These campers may leave camp during that period with visitors if they have written permission from home.

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