The Water’s Great – Come On In!

Swimming At the waterfront

On opening day, every camper is given a swimming test, and each child is only allowed to swim in areas according to one’s ability. Lifeguards are always on duty whenever there is anyone at the waterfront. Safety is emphasized at all times no matter what the activity might be, and everyone is expected to obey the rules at the waterfront. Children are encouraged to improve their swimming and diving skills, but no one is forced to go swimming.

No matter what time of day it is, the lake is a great place to be. The Polar Bears and Ice Cubes begin their day with an early morning swim. You can tell by their voices, it’s quite a “refreshing way” to start the day.

Need to improve your strokes or work on your stamina? The swimming instructors will be happy to help you. Besides instructional classes, the swimming meets and diving contests are a chance to show how much you have learned. Then there is also time to enjoy playing on the rafts and swimming with your friends.

More Canoeing

Can you canoe or kayak? Once you learn the basic strokes, the safety rules of boating, and how to handle a canoe or kayak, you are ready for the thrills and excitement of guiding across the water canoeing and kayaking. After becoming proficient in canoeing and kayaking, out of camp trips to nearby rivers and lakes are scheduled.

Playing under the waterfall

Visiting waterfalls and exploring the streams is another wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Each of these activities adds to the overall enjoyment of camp.