Welcome to Camp Dixie. Let’s take a hike.

Mom, I love everything

Flag raising

Mmm, mmm good.

Applause, applause

Hi mom, miss you, send cookies.

On your mark…

Nature’s easy chair.

Relaxing with friends.

Great friends

Dining Hall – Something smells good!

It’s a little harder when you have to be a crab

Making apple pies

Look out for my wake

Just a quick break before making it to the top.

We made it!

Everyone loves Pooh and you.

Wow, is he BIG!

It takes teamwork.

Time for awards.

The Hot Rods

There’s a salamander

Moon Pie Eating contest

That’s a 10

Dixie’s Robinson Crusoes

Clowns and more clowns

Hang on-Zack

I would rather be kayaking

Who needs a 5 Star Hotel

Keep Pedaling

Please don’t melt!

Making southern snowflakes

Christmas in July

Dixie’s Lazboy

Rest Hour

It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Dixie Regatta

Happy Birthday Eric

Trail Blazers

Lions and Tigers oh MY

Home Letters

Looking for an Amethyst

Talent Show

Fourth of July Celebration


Making our own rafts


We love our big sister

Come join us