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Extra option for International Campers – additional start date.

This year we will allow International campers to arrive on July 4th in addition to the regular start dates listed in our application. This is not a regular arrival date but we have added this to give campers from outside the US another option for scheduling. If you wish your child to arrive for a session starting July 4th please contact us to arrange.

Campers on a hike Sitting on the porch, all dressed upCamp Dixie accepts children of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Through daily experiences campers have an opportunity to learn more about one another and their culture as well as to respect each others differences. During the summer, special programs are presented so the children can enjoy and share their country’s customs, folk dances, songs, food, stories, and games. The make up of different nationalities, racial and religious groups has helped to enrich the camp life and further the cultural growth of everyone at Camp Dixie

Hiking in the woods

From Campers

Playing in the waterfall Get a friend to tie your tie” Until I go to Camp Dixie, I never went to the same camp two years in a row. It was always because I couldn’t make even A FRIEND at those camps. But Dixie camp makes me feel like I’m really welcomed, and I think I am. Everybody in the camp is just like a family member of yours, once after you are in the Dixie land. and That’s why everybody is welcomed and that’s why the returning campers welcome new campers. I’m not so outgoing ,friendly or popular at school, but Dixie land is my best place to be myself. I love Dixie!! ”

Yuka Tsuji
Age 14

I like Camp Dixie because it’s a great place to make friends. There is also a lot of activities to do like swimming, canoeing, archery,riflery, dance, and sports. Every week there’s a different thing that happens. One week you might have a horse show or a luau, and the next you have a disco party or a camp out. On Saturdays you get to do a skit with other people in your cabin. At the beginning of every week you get to sign up for things you want to do like go canoeing or go jumping on a trampoline. That’s why I like Camp Dixie and that’s why I’m going back this year.

Alina Lianguert
Age 10