Blurry days

This whole weekend is mostly a blur. It wasn’t the busiest one we’ve had but it was pretty packed. Friday I got up just in time for dinner. They were cooking out on flag field. I met Zack’s fiance, Jen, and we almost but didn’t quite get rained on. Saturday morning we did some patching on the stable roof. After lunch we cleaned out the path to riflery and raked the rifle range. Sunday morning Zack and I cleared the path to sliding rock. After lunch we all worked on cleaning the cabins. Monday (Memorial Day) it was raining in the morning so we cleaned the Rec Hall and Zack and I put together 2 portable basketball goals. We cleaned out the water tanks, which was pretty easy, just a little bit of silt had accumulated over the year.

Somewhere in there Emily S. arrived, and I met Gene, who will be the Cabin 2 counselor this summer.