2010 Winter Newsletter

It’s time for the second Camp Dixie Newsletter! Last time we had separate newsletters for the Alumni (Camp Dixie Echoes) and Current campers (Ridge Runner), now for simplicities sake we are combining them. The new newsletter will be called Dixie Doings, this was the name for Camp Dixie’s original newsletter, we have one copy from back in the 1930’s.

If you have copies of any of the old newsletters, please send them in. Scanning them in and sending via email, or regular mail on CD works best, but we will take photo copies or any other readable format. One simple method is to take a digital photo of each page, the end result is a bit sub par but with most modern digital cameras the text is readable.

We sent Dixie Doings out via email. If you didn’t get your copy, just send us an email and ask to be added to the Dixie Doings mailing list. I will try to post them online here soon after publication, but letting Rhonda email them to you is the most reliable and fastest way.

— Jason