Hard Work

It is hard to believe that in less than 51 days campers will be here in Dixieland. Needless to say that I am looking forward to having all those smiling faces here.  Camp time is the BEST time. And as much as I am looking forward to camp time, my thoughts and actions are focused on getting camp ready. Staff selection, programming activities, building maintenance, thoughts for the day, staff training, lesson plans,grounds maintenance, planning Vespers, inventorying equipment, ordering supplies, clearing paths, and raking the forest, just a few items on our to do list. The “LIST” that never ends. Just ask any counselor – they know it all to well. One thing leads to another which leads to another item on the “to do” list. I must confess that I learned the skill of list making from one of the best, Ann Taylor.

This month’s Words from the Past is from 1919 written by W. Zachry.

“The Hard Job”

Most people today are opposed to doing hard work.  They are all hunting for the easy job.  But what seems strange to these people is that they never get anywhere.  Why is this?  Because one of the primary laws is the law of work.  Every element in nature is constantly at work.

So it is with man.  If he fails to work, he is dead so fas as his value to others is concerned.  He may continue to exist, but his personality is dead.  Nature’s law of work is closely associated with another of her laws, the law of compensation.  This law is that man is always rewarded for everything he does and his reward is proportional to the endeavor.  If a boy is willing to spend hours of hard work in the gym, or working around home, he will develop into a strong, healthy, virile man.  On the other hand, if he stays at home, never does anything he will be nothing but mollycoddle or a poor helpless man.  If we are willing to do some hard work in climbing the steepest mountain we always get the best view.  If we are willing to take the hard knocks and do the hard work necessary to become an expert boxer, we will have no need to worry about looking out for ourselves.

The hard job is usually the worthwhile job and the job which requires the expenditure of our best efforts.  It is the job which most fellows are afraid to tackle.  It is a job which requires a man to handle it.

Are you afraid of the hard job?  If so, you are not a true Camp Dixie boy for the true Camp Dixie boy just hunts up hard jobs. Be a true Camp Dixie Boy.

We as Dixie Alumni have a job ahead of us. One that some may consider hard but one that we must do in order to have a GREAT Centennial Celebration.  To find out about your job, please contact us.

Following the Gleam,
Rhonda Conrad
Camp Dixie, LLC