It’s snowing here at Camp Dixie


Camp Dixie Lake as the snow falls

It’s snowing here at Camp Dixie. So many think of ‘Camp Dixie’ and ‘Summer’ as synonymous, but in Winter, Dixie can be a very different place. In Summer the hills echo with the sounds of children, today snow muffles all sound. Two words describe today, quiet and cold. Don’t worry, we have a fire in the fireplace and we spent the day getting boring work done on the computer. Meanwhile, outside the trees are traced in snow as great white flakes fall silently to the ground.

The trees covered in snow.

The trees covered in snow.


Photos from the get-together

I promised photos and here they are!

I got Dylan to wear the Elf hat. Tom wore the Santa hat for a while.
Dylan in an elf hat

Maybe 10 minutes in, we all stopped for a photo.
Everybody posing for the camera

We headed straight for Bass Pro, played some at the shooting gallery, and moved on to the fish tank.
Everybody again, this time in Bass Pro at the fish tank

Perhaps Rhonda was thinking of trying her luck fishing the tank?
Rhonda and the gang looking at fishing poles

Apparently everyone was already tired and needed to rest in the first mattress store we passed.
Relaxing in the mattress store

Heh, Nicola looks goofy.
Nicola resting

Nobody wanted to leave the mattress store, they were very comfortable, but the movie was waiting.
Rhonda talking and resting on mattress

What I did on Thanksgiving

Camp Dixie Lake in the Fall

It may have been Thanksgiving but we at camp weren’t just sitting around enjoying the day (Well, not all day). While Rhonda and Nicola were fixing a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch, Rhonda’s brother Tony and I made a quick escape and went down to the dam to start draining the lake. The dam has an upper and a lower gate, so we started with the upper gate, opening it a little bit at a time. The upper gate is easiest, you simply turn the wheel.

Camp Dixie Lake being drained.

After lunch we all went down to Mud Turtle and could already see significant progress. Rhonda brought her fishing pole and tried to see if she could catch any fish. Tony kept telling her that he didn’t believe there were any fish in the lake, but Rhonda tried anyway. No luck this time, but I’m sure she’ll try again after we fill the lake back up in the spring.

Rhonda fishing for non-existant fish.

On Sunday Rhonda and I went down and opened the lower gate on the dam. The lower gate is a bit harder than the top one. You need to haul the gate up by a chain, and it’s heavy. Still, we opened the lower gate without a problem. The lake will stay drained until probably early spring, when it will have dried out enough for us to walk on it to thin out the brush along the bank.