I hope to be moving the Camp Dixie website sometime this week. During the move we might be a bit slow to respond to email. Immediately after the move the Echoes section and Miss Ann’s Memorial book will be down for a short time.

Lake back up

Well, of course the lake is back up and looking great. We replaced the steps going up to the dining hall, and the stairs going down to the rec hall. The power to the cabin line and rec hall has been rewired.

We are starting to get camp ready, the summer is creeping up on us, and there is lots left to do.

Busy, busy, busy.

Burning brush

This weekend we burned brush. We had 2 fires going in the dry lake bed. It took a while and we all got sunburned, but it went pretty well. We moved some other brush and a few other things Sunday. It doesn’t seem like we did very much Sunday because we were all so tired from Saturday, but we were still pretty productive.

We will start filling the lake back up any day now.

Rhonda has given me the new forms for this year. I’ll try to get them posted soon.

Big Red Riding Ring

This weekend we worked mostly over at the stables, getting it ready. We walked the fence line Saturday, making sure the horses will have plently of room to roam around but won’t be able to leave Camp without us. We put fresh shavings in all the stalls, cleared branches and leaves off the stable roof, and coolest of all we put up a new fence for the lower riding ring. It looks real nice and was quick to setup. We had enough sections left over to make a small holding pen for Heather (a pony) so she can be outside but still not in anyone’s way during classes. Don’t worry, Heather’s pen is in the shade.

Re-Roofing Roadside

The big project this weekend was re-roofing Roadside, the first building on your right as you come into Camp Dixie. Miss Ann and Rhonda had already done some of the work during the week. Things went well on Saturday, but slowed considerably on Sunday as Miss Ann was determined to do as good a job as we could possibly do. A little bit frustrating at the time, but you can’t really argue with that ethic. In the end, we couldn’t finish the roof on Sunday, partly because we needed more shingles, but mostly because it started thundering, lightning, and raining. Rain alone may not have stopped them, but none of us were foolish enough to spend time up there while it was lightning. No doubt they have already finished the job without me. All I know is, what we had done when I left, looked great.

It’s been a while.

Well, let’s see if we can keep this up to date this time.

Camp has been getting ready and is already ahead of schedule. We re-floored the diving board platform on diving dock last weekend. The new platform is solid as a rock and looks wonderful. For those of you who have been paying attention, this makes all 3 docks to have gotten a facelift in the last 3 (?) years. Last year was Floating’s turn and the year before was Mud Turtle.

Camp was able to drain the lake this winter and the problems fixed, so we should be able to make draining the lake a regular occurrence every winter. This helps keep the lake and the streams feeding it clean, and allows us to clear out the brush around the edge of the lake.

Most of the rest of the stuff has been boring, traditional maintenance. Painting here, fixing there, the never ending job of keeping Camp Dixie looking and working great.

I’d like to point out that the majority of this work is done by Miss Ann and Rhonda, with a little help from Nicola and myself. The amount of work they do getting ready for Camp is incredible, and few people realize just how much work it is. Give ’em a hug next time you see them.